Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald Explains Trump’s Inherent Financial Conflict Of Interest To A CNN Trump Supporter

Eichenwald: “There Has Never Been A President In The History Of The United States Who Has Had These Kinds Of Conflicts Of Interest”

From the September 14 edition of CNN’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon:

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JEFFREY LORD: The Clinton Foundation problems stem from her time as secretary of state. She was holding a government office. Right?

KURT EICHENWALD: This is completely different. We're talking about the difference between people giving money to a charity -- 

LORD: She was playing a role -- 

EICHENWALD: Can I please finish? We're talking about a person -- we're talking about an entity that receives money and then spends 90 percent of that money on charitable efforts. These are not comparable. This is a partnership with Donald Trump with the money going into the pockets of the Trump family. 


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