The newest target for pro-Trump media is Heineken beer

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

Outlets that have served as propaganda mouthpieces for President Donald Trump are attacking beer company Heineken for a new ad campaign that appears to include a call for common ground among people “without borders or barriers.”

In April, Heineken released an ad as part of its “Open Your World” campaign, which showed, according to a spokesperson who spoke with NBC’s Today, that “finding common ground with each other does bring down the preconceived barriers we put up and make us more open." As part of that campaign, the company’s British beer bottles appear to have wording calling for “a world without borders or barriers” and “the belief that there’s more that unites us than divides us,” along with a link to the ad.

In response, fake news purveyors and “alt-right”-affiliated outlets, including Infowars and The Daily Stormer, lashed out at Heineken, with some writing that the company “thinks they know exactly how to prevent jihadists from blowing people up and cutting their heads off,” arguing that the message is “insane” and “disgusting,” claiming the message was created by an “idiot,” and writing that a company selling beer that “sucks” is pushing “liberal” politics. They also demanded that the company “stop trying to be social justice warriors” and attacked the company for pushing “to erode national sovereignty and open all international borders.” Some of the outlets are additionally calling for a boycott of the company, as are some message boards on 4chan and Reddit that have previously pushed misinformation on Trump’s behalf.

The attacks on Heineken come soon after pro-Trump media attacked singer Katy Perry for urging people to “unite” with “no barriers, no borders, … to just coexist” after the May 22 terror attack in Manchester, England. They also accused her of having a “globalist dream of a world government and a border-less society.”