New DHS Senior Adviser Pushed “Mosque Surveillance Program,” Claimed That Muslims ”By-And-Large" Want To Subjugate Non-Muslims

Former Florida radio host and Navy intelligence officer Frank Wuco has been serving as a senior White House adviser for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Wuco suggested in 2014 that banning visas from “Muslim nations” is “one of these sort of great ideas that can never happen”; warned that Muslims “by-and-large” will “subjugate and humiliate non-Muslim members” and enact Sharia law; and claimed that a “mosque surveillance program” is a key anti-terrorism tool. 

Frank Wuco Is A Former Radio Host Who Now Works For Homeland Security As A Senior White House Adviser

Frank Wuco Is A Senior White House Adviser For Homeland Security. Frank Wuco works as a senior White House adviser for the Department of Homeland Security, according to data collected by ProPublica and his LinkedIn page. He was hired on January 20 with the grade level of senior executive service, which is reserved for those who “serve in top positions" in the federal government.” [ProPublica, 3/9/17; LinkedIn, accessed 3/10/17

Politico Noted In February That Wuco Had Joined The Administration. Politico wrote that Wuco is a “national security expert” who “has said in statements to the media that there’s a strong connection between mainstream Islam and terror attacks.” [Politico, 2/7/17]

Wuco Previously Hosted Radio Programs In Florida. Wuco worked as a radio host for Florida radio stations WFLA and WGUL and has made appearances in conservative media outlets such as Fox News and He also was a Naval intelligence officer. [The Brandon Gazette, 7/11/09; WFLA, 2013; Bloomingdale Patch, 9/13/12; YouTube, accessed 3/10/17]

Wuco As A Pundit: A “Mosque Surveillance Program” Should Be Used By “Agencies,” Muslims “By-And-Large” Will “Subjugate And Humiliate Non-Muslim Members”

Wuco: “Mosque Surveillance” “Programs Are Key” To Uncovering “What's Going On” In The Muslim Community. Wuco appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday in November 2015 and said that a “mosque surveillance” program is key to finding “out what's going on behind the walls” of “mosques and Islamic reading centers.” He added that after the NYPD canceled its mosque surveillance program, he “can only hope that some of these programs continue with other agencies”:

JON SCOTT (HOST): Back to the news. Just breaking. The State Department now confirms Americans are among the victims in the Paris terror attacks. We still do not know if they are injured or actually dead. ISIS claims the attacks were revenge for French airstrikes in Syria. Does that mean the U.S. could face the same kind of attack? Frank Wuco is the founder of Analytical Red Teams at Special Operations Command Central and U.S. Central Command. Frank, you wore the uniform of the U.S. Navy for 23 years, intelligence analyst. These are an enemy who do not wear uniforms. How do we take them on?

FRANK WUCO: Well, John, it's up to the vigilance of law enforcement agencies and everyday American citizens. Many of the attacks that have been thwarted in this country, whether a couple in the air, several on the ground, have been thwarted by American citizens who are vigilant and aware of their surroundings. I can’t overemphasize the importance of a vigilant public. And also our law enforcement agencies keeping on -- and they've been doing this -- but keeping on the stayed and true skills of human intelligence, active surveillance. It makes my blood run cold when I think about Mayor de Blasio's sort of cancellation or nullification of the mosque surveillance program in and around New York City. I can only hope that some of these programs continue with other agencies.


WUCO: Well, absolutely, Tucker, and this is what I'm driving at when I talk about this outrageous act, one of his first acts in public office of Mayor de Blasio, canceling the mosque surveillance program. These programs are key. Unfortunately, when you have a group, a militant group, that hides itself under the mask of religion, we have no choice but to go to some of their gathering centers such as mosques and Islamic reading centers to find out what's going on behind the walls. [Fox News, Fox & Friends Weekend, 11/14/15]

Wuco: “If You're A Muslim, You Believe” That “Violence And Warfare Against Unbelievers” Is “Prescribed By God.” Following the June 2016 mass shooting in an Orlando, FL, gay nightclub, Wuco told Breitbart News about shooter Omar Mateen: “There's nothing radical about him at all. He is a Muslim who is following the strictures of Islam and its guidance and prescriptions for violence and warfare against unbelievers. … If you're a Muslim, you believe it's being prescribed by God and it’s being ordained by the wisdom of Muhammad.” [Politico, 2/7/17; YouTube, 6/13/16]

Wuco: “Right-Thinking" Muslims “Engage In Jihad” Because Of Their Religion. Wuco said of Islam during an interview on an internet radio program: “If you’re a right-thinking Muslim, the inspiration, the motivation, to engage in jihad doesn’t come from Al Qaeda, or doesn’t come from Inspire magazine. It comes from God himself.” [The Liberty NewsCast with Willie Lawson, 4/30/13]

Wuco Warned That Muslims “By-And-Large” Will “Subjugate And Humiliate Non-Muslim Members” And Enact Sharia Law. Wuco warned on his now-defunct radio show website that “Muslim populations by-and-large will become enclave societies that, first, resist assimilation and then, will make every effort to establish independent rule for their enclaves under Shari’ah law.” From his radio page, via Internet Archive:

Every place we find friends, stalwarts, allies, we find the menace of jihad, which will necessarily result in violence to counter the position of a large Muslim population living under “other-than-Muslim” rule.  Muslim enclaves in the UK and Canada, ahead of themselves on laboring to establish Shari’ah law for themselves, are only now beginning to experience what successive Philippine governments have faced for over a century.

While perfectly happy to subjugate and humiliate non-Muslim members of their societies (just ask Christians in Egypt or Indonesia how easy life is), Muslim populations by-and-large will become enclave societies that, first, resist assimilation and then, will make every effort to establish independent rule for their enclaves under Shari’ah law, using violence to secure what they believe to be their divinely revealed right; the eventual subsuming of all that lies outside the dar al-Islam (house of Islam), until all is within it; until all is consumed by Islam in preparation for God’s final judgement of man.

Those who have made the obligation to this commitment are shockingly large in number; they have just begun; and, they believe they are active participants in God’s final prescription for the salvation of all humanity.  Not sure the lights inside the Beltway are on, on this one. [Need To Know, 2/27/10, via Internet Archive]

Wuco Said His Preference “Would Have Been To Have Dropped A Couple Of Low-Yield Tactical Nuclear Weapons Over Afghanistan The Day After 9/11.” Wuco was asked on a radio program why the United States hadn’t already turned Iran and Syria “into glass already.” Wuco responded: “I don’t think it’s been our policy really to just start nuking countries. I think if we were going to have done that, my preference would have been to have dropped a couple of low-yield tactical nuclear weapons over Afghanistan the day after 9/11 to send a definite message to the world that they had screwed up in a big way.” [The Dougherty Report, 1/18/16]

Wuco: “The Assertiveness Of Muslim Communities In Western Nations Is Becoming So Pronounced. … You Don’t Even Need ISIS In Sweden.” While speaking on a radio program, Wuco warned that Muslims are infiltrating communities in Western nations: “The assertiveness of Muslim communities in Western nations is becoming so pronounced. … You don’t even need ISIS in Sweden, you’ve got every day run-of-the-mill Muslims in massive communities protesting and becoming violent with the Swedish government, saying that they’re going to take over the country. This isn’t even ISIS. These are just peace-loving Muslims who have been allowed to immigrate into these countries.” [The Dougherty Report, 1/18/16]

Wuco In 2014: Halting Visas From “Muslim Nations” Is One Of “These Sort Of Great Ideas That Can Never Happen.” During an August 2014 appearance on Fox News, Wuco, responding to comments from Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) about a ban on visas from the Middle East, said that the proposed policy is “one of these sort of great ideas that can never happen, Brian. You're just not going to stop the visa application process into this country from Muslim nations in a blanket type of policy.”


REP. DUNCAN HUNTER: We shouldn’t have any more visas for folks from the Middle East, from this area, coming over right now. We should say stop, time out, let’s take a look at this. Slow things down so we can make sure we aren’t allowing people into this country that'll then harm us.


BRIAN KILMEADE (Co-host): Your thoughts?                                                                    

FRANK WUCO: It's one of these sort of great ideas that can never happen, Brian. You're just not going to stop the visa application process into this country from Muslim nations in a blanket type of policy. So I'm not quite sure what the congressman is talking about. There may be some details left out that weren't covered on air. But the idea of a blanket policy that doesn't allow anybody in from a country that happens to be majority Muslim is just not going to fly. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 8/28/14]

Wuco: The NAACP And “Black Congressional Caucus” All “Need Racism” And “Will Invent It And Contrive It” If Necessary. Wuco wrote a post on his personal website -- since deleted -- attacking the NAACP and Black Congressional Caucus as groups that “need” racism and “will invent it and contrive it” when they can’t find it. He pre-empted criticism by writing that his mother took action against “real racism” and noting, “She raised me. I am not a racist”:

Bottom line: The NAACP, the Black Congressional Caucus, Eric Holder, The New Black Panthers all need racism. And, where they absolutely cannot find it, they will invent it and contrive it. It is tough to find a better example of groups who, in absolute terms, claim to know what rests within the heart of another man.


Will Black Americans ever wake up to an NAACP, NBP, and CBC leadership that needs blacks (or “coloreds,” as the NAACP, in classic racist fashion, calls Black and/or African American people) to remain disadvantaged and in continuous need of support, assistance, entitlements, and benefits to survive? When will you throw the NAACP off and tell them you don’t need them anymore? You don’t need the NAACP! You don’t. There is hatred everywhere. It can only be risen above with self-respect and love of others. As long as the NAACP, the CBC, and the NBP remain in business, hatred will not only exist, it will be cultivated, invented, contrived and fabricated where it does not, lest these groups find no cause or need to exist or be adored and validated by their constituents. The fact that a race-based caucus even exists in the 112th Session of Congress is shameful for the Congressional Black Caucus. I bristle at their arrogance every time I see them walk out of a vote in unison with Nancy Pelosi (oddly walking out front… racist?) among them as though even the CBC needs her validation and support. Users, all. Users on the backs of those for whom they claim to caucus. Shame on and groups like them for perpetuating the myth that humans must run in packs to survive. This nonsense that people are so inherently racist that they don’t even know it must end. It impoverishes and kills more people than any other human behavior. It causes wars. Shame on The New York Magazine for even giving this thesis (feces is more like it) the credit is so does not deserve, proffering that Mitt Romney is such a secret racist that even he does not know he’s a racist.


Back to the fake racism issue that started this piece in the first place, when I was a kid my mom kept a cuss-can in the house. Each curse-word earned a different “fine” according to its severity. The dreaded “F-word” (as we called it back then), if one was careless enough to utter it in earshot of mom (which was anywhere within the walls of our home) came with not only the highest monetary fine, but was accompanied by some form of corporal punishment. One time a friend of my older brother asked mom, “What is the fine if I say the “other word” for black people?” (the phrase the “N-word” back then, because honestly even it was considered too close to the edge of the real N-word). Mom replied, “The fine for that word is you leave my house and you never come back.” Anyone who knows my mom knows the warning was delivered with a facial expression and a tone that made the idiot kid’s blood run cold. My mom grew up in hard times in rural Ohio; The Great Depression, World War II, that sort of thing.  Additionally, my mom grew up with real racism. As a teenager, she worked in a soda shop. A black female co-worker at the soda shop became fast friends with my mom. The girl, because she was black, was not allowed to touch any of the food items in the shop because the owner said no one would want to eat food or drink sodas and shakes that had been touched by a “colored” person. One busy day, my mom (in a wholly unauthorized move) asked her friend to help out with prepping some food items. When the owner found out. He made my mom wipe down with bleach, everything that her black friend had touched. My mother quit in disgust. Was she a hero? No, not really. She was (and is) just a decent person who did the right thing. She saw real racism and hatred up close and was appropriately rattled and forever changed by it. She raised me. I am not a racist. [, 7/15/12, via Internet Archive]

Wuco Suggested He Viewed Obama As “An Empty, Soulless, Satanically Susceptible Shell Of A Human Being” Who Was Having His Strings Pulled By George Soros. Wuco wrote on his now-defunct radio show blog: 

By Obama: It could be that it actually dawns on the President that his supposed brilliance (which he seems to have bought into at a very young age and to which he still arrogantly adheres) means NOTHING to those who see him as nothing when compared to what THEY KNOW to be God's own plan for humanity. Why should they rid themselves of a program that will accelerate God's reign on earth to satisfy a human who does not even possess belief in God or know who he is... A nobody; an empty, soulless, Satanically susceptible shell of a human being. This is not necessarily how I view Barack Obama (though upon this edit, it reads pretty close), but I can assure you it IS how Iran's theocratic leaders see him, no doubt. We can only hope that Obama and his string-pullers, like George Soros, are more devout globalists and Marxists, than they are secret Muslims and sympathizers with those who supposedly feel torn to the depths of their very souls over the CIA's 1953 overthrow of Iranian leader Mossadeq (a favorite assumption of deep D.C. thinkers who pine for an Islamic Revolutionary success story). Yes, let's hope that it finally dawns on Obama that Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and Soleimani think he's a joke of a leader and they continue to ignore him and his string-pullers. This could lead Obama to the rage that affects all leaders who secretly view themselves as demi-Gods; a rage that causes such leaders to lash out at those who do not regard them as highly as they regard themselves. As an act of ego, Obama may take corrective action; that which sees to it that upstart Religion-and-Weapons-Clingers like Iran, do not derail Soros', Fox-Piven's, and Ayer's plans for a global socialist solution. Then, once it dawns on Obama that Iran's leaders, like UBL, al-Awlaki, Mubarak, and Qadhafi before them, just aren't with the Soros/Fox-Piven/Ayers/Obama program (or that they can be sacrificed just to get the rest of the world on board), Iran's Islamic Revolutionary leaders and their nuclear ambitions may just have to go. Religion-and-Weapons-Clingers like Iran cannot get too big for their britches after all. Soros has bigger fish to fry, like the United States that saved him. [WFLA, 11/16/11, via Internet Archive]