Neil Cavuto Calls Trump's Taco Bowl Tweet “An Olive Branch” To The Mexican People

Cavuto: Trump Was “Enjoying This Fine Classic Mexican Dish In His Trump Tower Offices”

From the May 5 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): All right. I think they call this an olive branch, or it could be a taco bowl, but to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Donald Trump -- well, enjoying this fine classic Mexican dish in his Trump Tower offices, and reminding folks how much he loves Hispanics. This coming a little more than a day after Vincente Fox, the former President of Mexico, said he maybe went too far with some comments he's made about Donald Trump, now wants Donald Trump to come down to Mexico to see Mexico for himself. Mr. President, very good to have you.

VICENTE FOX: Thank you very much, Neil, thank you.

CAVUTO: It sounds like you want to make amends here, and he wants make amends, too, to the Mexican people.

FOX: Well, it is the intention, because what we need is him listening and learning the way of life, of others, starting with the immigrants of the United States. By the way my grandfather was a migrant that came from Cincinnati, Ohio, down to Mexico, the state of [INAUDIBLE], looking for his American dream. So I do have a very strong respect for this nation, and I really want to contribute to keep this strong partnership that we have built with the United States through NAFTA. So yes, the invitation is open.

CAVUTO: Have you heard back, sir? Have you heard back?

FOX: No, no, not at all. I see now that he is now having some enchiladas and some Mexican food. I hope he will not get an indigestion.


CAVUTO: Well we got a problem here though, Mr. President, right? We've got a problem in this country. I know, I understand and your biased for the Mexicans and the Mexican people, but do you think it goes a little too far when you claim that he's a bigot? I've covered the guy for 30 plus years, I've never seen any indication of that. He wasn't against, you know, Mexicans, the way that was played, the way you kind of reacted to it. He was against those who get into the country illegally and don't play by the rules. What is wrong with that?

FOX: Well he did not clearly expressed what he meant. He's been aggressive with every single component of the community, society, nations. But let's get to the point.

CAVUTO: But no, my only point is that he did not indict all Mexicans, he did not indict all Hispanics, he did not indict all immigrants.


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