NBC's Andrea Mitchell: Donald Trump Is “Completely Uneducated About Any Part Of The World”

Mitchell: “When He Doesn't Know Something, He Just Changes The Subject, Makes It All About Himself”

From the March 27 edition of NBC's Meet the Press:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): Obviously a bizarre week, Andrea, in so many ways. But I want to go -- because what I think could have been the story of the week was this unbelievable editorial board interview that Donald Trump did with The Washington Post. Let me play a longer excerpt of it and get you to respond.


By the way, just so folks know, when we excerpted it, so then everybody around the room introduced themselves, subject got changed.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Exactly. He cannot stick to a subject. It is remarkable. And when he doesn't know something, he just changes the subject, makes it all about himself.

TODD: On national security it's a very noticeable -- especially to your ears and mine.

MITCHELL: Absolutely. And this was a week where he could have gone after President Obama, arguably. There's a lot happening and the president has some vulnerabilities. So does Hillary Clinton. But instead he's all over the lot. And then The New York Times, David Sanger, Maggie Haberman, do an interview with him, a 90-minute interview and it's in today's paper and online. And the transcript, if you read the transcript online, he would cancel defense treaties with Japan and South Korea against North Korea. He doesn't mind, he would be okay if Japan and South Korea go nuclear. American policy for decades since World War II has been trying to keep nukes out of that arena. He would stop importing oil from Saudi Arabia if they don't pay more for their defense. We need oil. We are not energy independent. We rely on oil still --

TODD: Sure.

MITCHELL: For our daily needs. He is completely all over the lot on Iran. He believes -- he complained that Iran isn't buying our planes. It had to be pointed out to him that Iran is still under sanctions and cannot buy American planes. He thinks North Korea and Iran are the biggest trading partners when North Korea's biggest trading partner is China. He is completely uneducated about any part of the world.


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