National Review's Jonah Goldberg Says Trump Reached Out To Anti-Trump National Review For SCOTUS Picks

Goldberg: “It's A Solid List, It's A Good List ... He Also Reached Out To National Review”

Fox contributor and National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg stated that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reached out to the magazine for assistance on creating a list of Supreme Court nominees. National Review has been highly critical of Trump, calling him a “philosophically unmoored political opportunist.” Goldberg himself berated two of his colleagues for supporting Trump's presidential candidacy. From the May 18 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:
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JONAH GOLDBERG: It's a solid list, it's a good list. He actually I don't know if I'm making news here, he also reached out to National Review, a magazine that has been pretty critical of him, asking for a, judges. I don't know if all these names are on it, but in my crowd there are few stars on here, there are a few stars missing, Paul Clement should have been on the list. But I don't think anyone can criticize him for the content of it and this was a very smart thing to do. Among conservatives who are opposed or are resistant to Trump. The single most powerful argument is what about the Supreme Court? At the same time I thought I think it is a classic Trump thing that he gives himself wiggle room and he says, it will probably be sort of like this list, representative of this list. It's sort of like he now says that the Muslim ban is a suggestion. And I think there are going to be some people who look at that and say “Ah ok, this is just another negotiating ploy.”