MSNBC's Steve Kornacki Explains Just How Crazy Latest Wall Street Journal Clinton Conspiracy Is

Kornacki: “If You Put It In A Headline, It Might Be Rough, But When You Put The Context Out There, It's Different”

From the October 24 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Steve Kornacki:

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KELLYANNE CONWAY: And Donald Trump -- I think any objective analysis would show that he can't get a fair shake. I mean, why the heck aren't we having wall to wall coverage on what we learned today about Governor Terry McAuliffe giving a half million dollars to the super PAC for a candidate whose husband just happens to be the number 3 at the FBI in charge of the e-mails? I mean, why aren't we talking about $12 million to Morocco? This is news.

STEVE KORNACKI (HOST): OK, wait, let's -- if we're going to talk about that story, hey -- if we're going to talk about that story, let's introduce all of the facts, and then let's talk about it.

Because the story here, for the people who didn't see this, is that there was a candidate for the state senate in Virginia back in 2015, and that candidate was given money by a political action committee that's controlled by Terry McAuliffe, who was the governor of Virginia. That candidate's spouse had a position at the time in this campaign with the FBI, but that position had no oversight role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. It was not until after the campaign was over that that individual was promoted into a position of some authority, of some responsibility for this.

So, are you -- are you suggesting here that essentially they went -- there was sort of foresight on the part of the Clinton campaign to enlist Terry McAuliffe, to ask a political action committee to give money to a candidate whose spouse would months later be placed into a position of partial responsibility over an investigation that at the start of that campaign hadn't even begun?

CONWAY: At least I got you to spend two or two and a half minutes on it, that we otherwise wouldn't have --

KORNACKI: OK, so yeah, I just explained it. What happened? It sounds sinister the way you phrased it, I took you through my understanding of it, what happened there that was so wrong?

CONWAY: Let the people decide, Steve. That's my whole point, give people the information and let them decide whether they think there's something sinister --

KORNACKI: I just did. You said it's a big story? I'm asking you why it's a big story, because everything I just ran through doesn't sound like too big of a story to me. It sounds like something if you put it in a headline, it might be rough, but when you put the context out there, it's different. So, I'm asking you, what is the scandal there?

CONWAY: And Attorney General Loretta lynch and President Bill Clinton speaking on a tarmac for 39 minutes about the grandchildren, somehow that's -- you know, people have not concluded what they think they were really talking about.


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