MSNBC's Scarborough: Trump's Suggestion That Obama Was Complicit In Orlando Shooting Is “Beyond Breathtaking”

Mike Barnicle: Trump's Suggestion “Is Basically A Disqualifier To Be President”

From the June 14 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): It gets worse by the day on the campaign trail. Yesterday a suggestion, a suggestion on several channels that Barack Obama was somehow implicated in these terror attacks and then saying, “Well, I'll let people just try to figure out what I said.” It reminds me when a lot of scumbags said that George W. Bush had something to do with 9/11. But to have, those on the internet, to have the standard bearer, Paul Ryan's candidate, Mitch McConnell's candidate, the Republican Party's candidate saying that Barack Obama may have been complicit in the killings of Americans is beyond breathtaking.

MIKE BARNICLE: Joe, yesterday what he said on TV early in the morning is basically a disqualifier to be president of the United States because he accused the sitting president of the United States, Barack Obama of a treasonous act.


SCARBOROUGH: And then when asked to clarify later in the day, he does what he always does. He refuses to clarify. So the conspiracy theorists hear the dog-whistle and go to it.


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