MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: Trump Has Tried To Pivot, But Steps On Own Message By “Trotting Out Conspiracy Theories” Within Hours

From the June 22 edition of MSNBC Live:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: And so, again, to take your model, that is to watch for 24 hours like a message control group, you think that fairly --

NICOLLE WALLCE: Like an experiment.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. And you think that that can be held up against as a test of the discipline of the new Manafort era?

WALLACE: I just think that is the test, right? So we will say that he read from his teleprompter and our colleague, Rachel, laughed at me last time I gave him credit for doing so. But I really -- I think the test is to look at 24 whole hours. I will pledge, in service of this network, to watch the next 24 hours and report back, because what happened the last time, when he came out and gave a foreign policy speech that was riddled with its own problems, was that he stepped on his own message by trotting out conspiracy theories on Fox & Friends in the morning. So, this was a speech that had the definite imprint of Paul Manafort and the family, which has taken firm control of the Trump campaign. Trump, I'm told, realized by Sunday night that things weren't just bad, they were, quote, awful. And so, he is trying to make a pivot. And when you have such a small, skeletal campaign, you can pivot in two days because there's not very many people to turn around. So he has made that pivot in the last hour. But we do have to watch the next 24 hours, the next, you know, however many interviews he does and see if he veers wildly off message like he's done in the past. 


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