On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Bush CIA Director: Trump And Cruz's Responses To Brussels Attacks “Create A Clear And Present Danger”

From the March 23 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): Let's talk about Ted Cruz's statement. How important is it that the United States of America not follow Ted Cruz's advice?


GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: We don't have radicalized communities in the United States. We have some radicalized individuals. We have it within our ability, however, to create radicalized communities and we ought to take every step not to do that. Joe, I agree totally. Our cultural bent towards assimilation is a strategic and operational advantage. Put aside the question of American values. It makes us more safe than our European friends. And so comments like that and comments that we've been hearing from Mr. Trump actually create a clear and present danger. They don't make us more safe.


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