MSNBC's Mike Barnicle: Donald Trump Is The “Continued Beneficiary Of A Huge Double Standard”

Barnicle: “Hillary Clinton Was Asked Some Tough Questions … Donald Trump Was Interviewed Again As If He Were The Co-Host Or The Host Of The Apprentice”

From the September 8 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): I thought it was more of the same. I thought Donald Trump spoke in generalities and I think Hillary Clinton was peppered with very specific questions. It’s something that people have been complaining about on this show for a very long time. Donald Trump is held to a lower standard. He just is. Nobody expects him to know the specifics of policy, so they don't push him on it. So last night we heard more generalities we more heard -- we heard insults of generals, saying our generals have been reduced to rubble. That would have a terrible impact, I think, on Donald Trump as a commander in chief if he became president of the United States. And you can go down the line, Putin comments, just a lot of generalities. But I'm really curious -- I don't want to kill Hamlet in the first act here -- I want to go around and ask everybody what they thought. Let's start with you, Richard Haas. What was your take away on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the night? 


RICHARD HAASS:  And then I thought for Donald Trump, as you said, he spoke at a level of generality, at 36,000 feet, and very few -- and we didn't, again, we didn’t learn what he actually would bring to the job. 


MIKE BARNICLE: I give Hillary Clinton a B-minus. I flunk Donald Trump for a staggering lack of depth, lack of knowledge. He is the, as you pointed out, the beneficiary, continued beneficiary of a huge double standard. Hillary Clinton was asked some tough questions, had difficulty answering those tough questions. Donald Trump was interviewed again as if he were the co-host or the host of The Apprentice. Syria wasn't mentioned. Aleppo wasn't mentioned. The refugee crisis wasn't mentioned. I understand all of that. Trump aligned himself with Vladimir Putin in a way that is really, if you think about it, kind of shocking and Hillary Clinton has to figure out a way to play offense, not defense. 


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