MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson: Trump Is Promoting “White Racist Supremacist Nationalism” 

Dyson Rebukes Claim That Brexit Vote -- Like Donald Trump -- Is A Vote For “Nationhood”: “Trump's Nation Doesn't Represent All Of Us”

From the June 26 edition of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos

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ALEX CASTELLANOS: The Brexit vote is a vote for the idea of nationhood. 

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: It's nationalism.

CASTELLANOS: Right, in Europe you've destroyed borders. You can travel anywhere. Immigration has destroyed borders. There are no economic borders now. Greece can spend money that Germany has to pay back. The British looked at this and said, we think being a nation is a good idea and that we ought to be one. 

DYSON: But nationalism is not the answer

CASTELLANOS: Of course it is. 

DYSON: I'm saying nationalism within America

CASTELLANOS: There were nations before the EU. There will be nations afterwards. This is not a crisis. And when Donald Trump talks about building a wall --

DYSON: For who? 

CASTELLANOS: -- what people are hearing is we ought to have a real nation for all of us. 

DYSON: Donald Trump's nation doesn't represent all of us. When he keeps saying he wants to ban Muslims. He wants to keep immigrants out. He wants to build a wall. And look, at his rallies, when black people are pushed around, he then says, I will pay for the legal fees. Donald Trump amplifies the worst instincts. And his nationalism is really a white racist supremacist nationalism that reeks terror on the American democratic experiment. 


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