MSNBC's Katy Tur Fact Checks Trump's “Errors” In His Speech After Orlando Massacre

From the June 13 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live

KATY TUR: There were a few errors in that speech, and we should point them out. Number one, he said that the Orlando suspect, the man accused of terrorism in Orlando, was born “in Afghan”. He was born in the United States in 1986 and he is a U.S. citizen. He also said that he basically forced Hillary Clinton to use the words radical Islamic terror. That's not entirely true. This morning on the Today show, she said she's happy to use those terms, but she doesn't think that they are suitable when you're talking about terrorism. “All this talk and demagoguery and rhetoric is not going to solve the problem, I'm not going to demonize and demagogue and declare war on an entire religion. That's just plain dangerous and it plays into ISIS' hands.” So as you said Kate, this speech was extraordinarily forceful from Donald Trump.


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