MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Changes His Tune After Claiming Trump Pivoted, Calling June Trump’s “Worst Month”

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough called June “the worst month” for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump since he started his campaign, saying, “we’ve been talking about the pivot for quite some time. He hasn’t done it over the past five weeks.” Scarborough previously lauded Trump’s June 22 speech attacking Hillary Clinton, arguing, “that’s called the pivot.” From the June 30 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:    

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): A new poll in the presidential race shows the growing worry in the GOP about Donald Trump's struggle to find his footing. The Fox News poll shows Hillary Clinton with a six-point lead over Trump, the Democrat up two points since May at 44 percent, while Trump has sunk seven points to 38 percent. The poll shows the Republican Party is less than united than it was a month ago. Just 74 percent of Republicans backing Trump over Clinton, down from 82 percent in May. And when asked who they prefer as the Republican nominee, 48 percent of Republicans say, Donald Trump, 51 percent say someone else.

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Alright let's separate there. Mika, this is -- these numbers have gotten worse. What goes up must come down, I suppose, as Blood, Sweat & Tears once sang. But the question is, will this turn around? This is obviously just a snapshot, but it's a pretty bad snapshot. He lost seven points and the Republican Party more divided than it was even a month ago. But this is just a snapshot in time.

BRZEZINSKI: I thought these would go down. All in light of the -- I think things began to really turn for Trump in which his schtick wasn't working for him any more during the judge situation. I think he lost all credibility and it's very hard for people to stay with him now. And I thought the poll numbers would go down. I really did. I said it out loud. And they are. He's going to have to do a lot now to pivot to the general.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, and Willie, we’ve been talking about the pivot for quite some time. He hasn't done it over the past five weeks. This obviously is, the Indiana judge and, actually, post-Orlando, him congratulating himself and doing all of these things. You just sort of see the mass accumulation. Again, you look at the state by state polls and he's pretty close in a lot of areas. But there is no doubt he's down seven points in the past month. This has been his worth month since he has been campaigning.