MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls On Republican Leaders To “Cut [Donald Trump] Loose”

Scarborough: “If They Do Not Do That, This Party Is Going To Break Apart”

From the July 29 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

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RON FOURNIER: If you were a Republican leader would you have your Senate and House candidates disown Donald Trump and running away from him? 

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Yes, yes I would. Yes I would, yes I would. I would say, you've got go back to your people and you have to explain. I've always said this. Never underestimate your voters. Tell them the truth. You can see -- you know, the center cannot hold when you have the speaker of the house calling the Republican nominee a racist but saying he's still endorsing the Republican nominee. It is so bizarre on its face that people are chuckling in the background. But when you have the speaker of the house, the most powerful Republican saying what he said is racist. When you have the most powerful Republican in government, the speaker of the house condemning Donald Trump for his laudatory, continued laudatory remarks of Vladimir Putin, a thug who kills journalists. And who continues to kill journalists, as we speak.  


FOURNIER: Cut him loose. 

SCARBOROUGH: You’ve got to cut him loose.

WILLIE GEIST (CO-HOST): I asked the question that we asked of Paul Ryan when he first endorsed. I know he has a different, more complicated series of asks. He's the speaker of the house, he has to help give people cover who are running in their races. But what would be the cost at this point of Paul Ryan or other Republicans coming out and saying, even if they endorsed them, you know what, I've been watching him for the past two months, I cannot offer my support to a man who says A, B, and C. What would that cost them? 

SCARBOROUGH: I don't know what it would cost them, I could tell you what it would save, the party of Lincoln. Because if they do not do that, this party is going to break apart. The Reagan coalition is already broken apart. The Reagan coalition that ruled politics since 1980, has been blown to pieces. Donald Trump is a big government Democrat. A pessimistic big government Democrat. He has been a pessimistic big government Democrat for 65 of his 70 years. That's part of the record. It's not in dispute. And so these Republicans are going to throw away their careers, they're going to throw away their party, over a guy who has been a life-long Democrat? Who doesn’t think America is great?


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