MSNBC's Hallie Jackson: Lewandowski Firing “Speaks To The Chaos” Inside Trump's Campaign

From the June 20 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live:

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JOSE DIAZ-BALART (HOST): And Hallie Jackson, and remembering that Donald Trump said that he was loyal to his people,and loyal to the end to them. Apparently the end came for the campaign manager. What is going forward going to be the structure of that campaign? 

HALLIE JACKSON: Well here is what I think would happen, Jose, just based on the moves that we've seen inside the campaign so far, and you know that our NBC News team is working on trying to report this out throughout the day. But I would imagine that Paul Manafort would now take on a top role in the campaign. He had been de facto, doing a lot of that anyway. He had been named that chief strategist positon. He is somebody who is close with Trump. He is somebody who has worked to install people in the campaign to try to work on things like getting people out to vote, to work on key battleground state staffing, et cetera. So I imagine that he would be the one now to be at Donald Trump's side as he had been already. Remember, Manafort, said right after his hiring that he reports directly to the candidate himself. He did not even report to Lewandowski, so I imagine that you will see Manafort take on an even more visible role. Hope Hicks remains with the campaign. She is the one who provided that statement to NBC News, confirmed it, as first reported by the Times. Hicks of course is another of the originalists, you could say. Somebody who had been with Trump since the beginning inside that Lewadowski camp, but again, what you are even seeing publicaly, Jose, even in these last couple of minutes are advisers, or people close with  the campaign sort of tweeting out their reactions. Either surprise or in one case at least relief that you could read into that, that Lewandowski has now left the campaign. At this point it  will raise questions even here on Capitol Hill within the Republican Party and elsewhere about what is happening inside the campaigns. What must be happening that now, here we are, mid-June, less than a month from the Cleveland convention, and you are---if you're Donald Trump no re-organizing fully your entire campaign. So it is significant, it is a significant move, and it speaks to the chaos that has been unfolding inside the Trump campaign. That is not to say that if Paul Mannafort, if he in fact comes in, could try not to re-organize, could not try to make sure that the pieces are in place for Trump moving forward but it's just a contrast now to what is happening on the Democratic side and for Trump, something that his campaign is certainly going to be dealing with today in New York at Trump Tower moving forward.


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