MSNBC's Elise Jordan: Holding An “Intervention” For Trump Is “Like Having Sexual Harassment Training At Fox News”

Jordan: “It's Pointless. It's Just For Show, For Legal, For Covering Your Tracks”

From the August 4 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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ELISE JORDAN: I think [Donald Trump is] bringing out the very worst of our country, not the best right now. And I think that you look at what the Republicans are doing with this so-called intervention. Even that language is negative language. The fact that they're talking about it publicly, an intervention, that is not language that can make Donald Trump happy. And this is really more of a political human resources activity than anything. Just cover their tracks, have the meeting, 30 days before you want to fire the guy. Later you can say, “Oh, we did this.” It's like having sexual harassment training at Fox News, it's just, it's pointless. It's just for show, for legal, for covering your tracks.


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