MSNBC's Chuck Todd: “Our State Department Would Say 'That's Not A Democratic Election'” If Trump's Comments Were From A Foreign Election

From MSNBC's October 9 debate coverage:

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RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): There's a lot of insane stuff that did happen within the 90 minutes too that will continue to be fodder for discussion. I mean that -- when we finally did -- we did actually end up talking about the Access Hollywood tape during the debate, and he said -- he said, “This is locker room talk, you know, we have a world with ISIS chopping off heads.”

He immediately brought up ISIS as his answer for whether or not he sexually assaulted someone. I mean, that will live on. Threatening to jail his political opponent, that will live on. Rescinding his Muslim ban, that will live on.

BRIAN WILLIAMS (HOST): I didn't tell people to check out the sex tape --

MADDOW: Yeah, he says that he didn't tweet “check out the sex tape,” that was literally -- you tweeted “check out the sex tape.”

CHUCK TODD: I want to go back to that jail comment, because --

MADDOW: The jail comment is a huge comment --

TODD: Because do you realize what would happen -- OK, do you realize what would happen though if another country's election -- we would criticize, our state department would say “That's not a democratic election.”

WILLIAMS: That's right.


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