MSNBC's Chuck Todd Details “The Unraveling” Of Trump's Campaign In Last 36 Hours

Todd: “Trump Has Survived Countless Controversies Before But Even He Hasn't Seen A 36-Hour Stretch This Intense”

From the August 3 edition of MSNBC's MTP Daily:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): Welcome to MTP Daily and welcome to 36 hours of total and complete chaos inside the Republican Party. Whole hour we're going to take you inside what appears to be a crisis that's facing Trump or the party or both and what may be dire options facing many in the party. Grin and bear it and hope he changes? Unendorse him? Or three, convince him to quit and you will be shocked by the number of Republicans that are inquiring already about the process of replacing Trump on the ballot if somehow they convinced him to step aside. But all of those may be unicorn theories in the case. It's an unprecedented cloud of turmoil that is surrounding his campaign. Trump himself, though, addressed the turmoil, or at least the speculation around it, to supporters in Florida. He wrapped up just moments ago and right out of the gate went after these reports about his campaign. 


Yes, Trump has survived countless controversies before but even he hasn't seen a 36-hour stretch this intense. In fact, let's just put it up on the board. Over the last 36 hours, the RNC and Reince Priebus are supposedly publicly apoplectic, behind the scenes, at what they’re seeing from Trump. Some are even gaming out scenarios where Trump is not the nominee. Then we've learned some of Trump's closest allies are trying to plot some sort of intervention with him in order to attempt to right the ship. People close to Trump's campaign chief are describing the situation as, quote, suicidal -- at least that's the mood, we’re told, inside the campaign. Trump is refusing to support his party's top leader in Congress, Paul Ryan, in his primary. He he doesn't want to support John McCain in his primary either. Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, has to break with Trump, saying I strongly endorse Ryan's re-election. Don't forget, Trump's latest attack, again, on the gold star family, the Khans. His repeated suggestions that somehow this election is already rigged. He's under fire for comments about accepting a purple heart. He's facing questions over comments over his definition of sexual harassment in the workplace. We've seen at least three Republicans, fairly prominent, endorse Hillary Clinton in the past 36 hours. Oh, by the way, Trump's fitness for office has been questioned including a purported curiosity with the U.S. nuclear arsenal. And last but not least, a sitting president of the United States called one of his potential successors unfit for that office. In totality, it is an unprecedented level of turmoil, and we didn't even get to every aspect of different stories that rained down on him yesterday.


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