MSNBC's Chris Hayes Highlights Donald Trump's Retweet Of A White Supremacist Twitter User

Chris Hayes: “One Of The Conventions Of American Politics In The Year 2016 Is You Don't Consort In Any Way With Avowed White Supremacists”

From the February 10 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): When you said white supremacy, just -- he has occasionally retweeted explicitly white supremacist sites. He just retweeted the Twitter user WhiteGenocide, someone he has retweeted before. He has retweeted WhiteGenocide before. Ezra, this strikes me as a perfect example of the sort of thing you're talking about. One of the conventions of American politics in the year 2016 is you don't consort in any way with avowed white supremacists. Doesn't mean that there's no operational white supremacy in American life or racism is extinguished, but it's a convention. It's a convention most politicians adhere to--

EZRA KLEIN: For good reason. 

HAYES: For good reason. Here's a perfect example of that being violated. 


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