MSNBC's Chris Hayes And Dan Savage Shred Trump's Attempts To Pit The LGBT Community Against Muslims

Savage: “Donald Trump Is The Enemy Of The LGBT Community Just As He Is The Enemy Of The Muslim Community”

From the June 14 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): You know, Trump unveiled this new line of attack in the speech the other day, which is basically almost an importation of a certain kind of European right-wing politics. We saw it with Pim Fortuyn who was a Dutch politician. Basically saying, I am an ally of LGBT people because I will be the most anti-Muslim candidate, essentially. What's your reaction to watching him try to essentially pit these two constituencies against each other?

DAN SAVAGE: We're not going to fall for it. And you can't draw a clean line between the LGBT community and the Muslim community because there are LGBT Muslims in the United States and all over the world. Muslims are a part of the LGBT community, not distinct from it. LGBT people come from all races, all faiths, all ethnic backgrounds, all classes. And Donald Trump attempting to pit the queer community against the Muslim community is not going to fly. We don't believe him. Donald Trump has pledged to undo marriage equality. Donald Trump is the enemy of the LGBT community just as he is the enemy of the Muslim community. And beating up on what is, in the United States, a vulnerable minority group isn't the way that you impress other members of other vulnerable minority groups to win their support. 


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