On MSNBC's All In, Eric Boehlert Notes How Right Wing Media “Created An Inferno And Trump Has Seized It”

From the January 28 edition of MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes:

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ERIC BOEHLERT: You know, I said in July and August “Of course he can win the nomination,” because look, he is reflecting something that has been taking place for eight years under Obama. And to be honest, some of the people behind the Dump Trump push now were feeding it, were shoveling the coal onto it. Was an irrational, anti-intellectual, bigoted, kind of awful rhetoric about our President, about the state of Democrats. So, this has created an inferno and Trump has seized it, and now there's no logic behind it. There's literally nothing he can do right now, it seems. We'll know after Iowa if these people are gonna show up, we'll know after New Hampshire. If polling still can be trusted in the country, in terms of politics. But he is taking a bonfire to the Republican party, and they started the fire.


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