MSNBC’s All In Debunks The Media Myth That Trump Became Presidential After NY Win

Pierce: He Is Going To Campaign Like A Thug, Be Gracious On Election Night And “Political Press Is Going To Get Fooled”

From the April 20 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): I just don't buy it. I don't buy -- I guess I just don't buy anything is going to change. We've seen time and time again, I remember we had sound of him on the night that he won super Tuesday when he was in Florida where he sounded like a general election candidate and I had thought to myself that's actually a pretty decent message for general election and then it was back to like retweeting white supremacists 36 hours later

SABRINA SIDDIQUI: Right, there is an extent to which Donald Trump is simply going to be Donald Trump. He can't be controlled, he can’t be managed. And I think he recognizes, as Gabe was just alluding to, his supporters don't want to see that shift in tone. In fact they're attracted to him because he takes on the political establishment, not because he's trying to rally the establishment around his candidacy. But I also think that the reasons he's brought in some of these professionals is because, one thing that, the stage we’re at right now is, he's realized that game ground matters. That if you don't understand how these delegate conventions at the state level work, that matters. And if you head into a contested convention because Donald Trump was unable to seal the deal and get to that magic number, then that's where Ted Cruz, with his sophisticated organizational operation really could run away with the GOP nomination. 

HAYES: Charlie, you know I had a thought today I was remembering the campaign for Elizabeth Warren someone who, in almost every way could not be more of the political opposite than Donald Trump. But here is something that happened when Elizabeth Warren ran for Senate. She had built an identity as, in one way, that was very popular, she’s obviously an incredibly speaker, incredibly accomplished. She then had to run a campaign and she had to sort of fit herself into a discipline box that a modern campaign requires and it took some time to meld those two, and that’s a hard thing for anyone to do. Anyone who goes through that process. I just don't see that as something that Donald Trump is capable of doing. 

CHARLES PIERCE: Yea and I think it's an interesting comparison because she only had to do it in one state. She didn’t have to do it on the national stage. No, he's not going to discipline himself to the point, but he is going to discipline himself to this pattern. He is going to campaign like a thug, win, be gracious on election night, go to another state and start the whole thing all over again and every time he accepts a speech and comes within an area code of civility, a lot of the elite political press is going to get fooled and say look, it's the new Donald Trump. And this is a great scam. He’s can run this all the way to the convention.


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