On MSNBC, A Trump Adviser Victim Blames Assault Accusers: "Any Reasonable Woman Would Have Come Forward” Earlier

AJ Delgado: “Any Reasonable Woman Would Have Come Forward” At The Time Of Assault, And It's Also “Quite Dubious That They're Hillary Clinton Supporters”

From the October 12 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): AJ, my understanding is that the official line of the campaign, about both these three women and a third woman that's in the Palm Beach Post is that  these are, they are wrong, they are making these stories up. 

AJ DELGADO: That's absolutely right, and that's my position, Chris. And as a woman, to be frank with you, I'm livid having read this. Not only are these accusations simply not credible, but it's disgusting that The New York Times is trivializing sexual assault this way. I take great offense to that as a woman --

HAYES: Why are they -- AJ, why are they not credible? The woman who was on camera basically said that she, that both women in The New York Times said the thing that made them come forward is watching Donald Trump explicitly deny that he would, quote, “grab a woman by the p-word” or kissed them against their will, which is what he said he would do on that tape. And when they saw him deny they said he did that to me and came forward.

DELGADO:  I'll tell you why, because these allegations are decades old. If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time --

HAYES: Isn't that trivializing sexual assault? Do you think that sexual assault doesn't --

DELGADO: Chris, mention that that New York Times piece itself it mentioned at the very end -- gee, how convenient -- that both of these women are Hillary Clinton supporters and Hillary Clinton donors. Forgive me for not finding this credible.

HAYES: So you think this is invented, essentially sabotage, and also that the fact they didn't come forward at the time, although they contemporaneously told friends of theirs who then came talked to The New York Times that they, that not coming forward at the time a sexual assault happens -- unless you do it at the time, the sexual assault didn't happen?

DELGADO: No, I'm not saying that --

HAYES: But that's why you said it's not credible.

DELGADO: That's not the only reason, I'm also finding it quite dubious that they're Hillary Clinton supporters and Hillary Clinton donors. 


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