On MSNBC, Steve Rattner Highlights How GOP Obstructionism Caused The Rise Of Trump

From the April 14 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): We have Steve Rattner here. Steve, we're going to talk about your charts for a second, but you had yesterday the most-read article in the New York Times and you were talking about Republicans being to blame for the rise of Trump. They can curse him all they want, but you say in large part it's their own economic policies that have created Donald Trump's success.

STEVE RATTNER: Well, yeah, I made a fairly simple argument, I think, which is that if the Republicans in Congress particularly had not blocked every single piece, virtually, of legislation that Obama put forward to try to improve the state of average Americans, things like wage insurance and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, things like that, that the same Trump base that is now his base would be somewhat better off economically, perhaps less angry, perhaps less in the Trump camp.


I think if some of these people had seen something coming from the government toward them, some sign, some symbol that the government was actually trying to help them maybe they'd be a little bit less angry, maybe they'd be a little bit more rational, maybe they'd be in Kasich's camp or somebody else's camp.


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