MSNBC Points Out That Trump's Misleading TV Ad Uses Morocco Border Images Instead Of US Southern Border

Cal Perry: “Politifact Is The One That Flagged This First, But It's Unmistakable”

From the January 4 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Kate Snow:

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KATE SNOW (HOST): We have team coverage of all of today's political action, and it's beginning with details on that ad that you just saw. MSNBC discovery desk editor Cal Perry has been watching this online. The story came out a little while ago, Cal, about one of the details that we just saw. 

CAL PERRY: Yes, so we're talking about that section of video in which Donald Trump alludes to the southern border, the border with Mexico. We can go ahead and show you that piece of video that you just saw in this ad, and the interesting thing here is that it's not, in fact, the border of Mexico. This is the border between Morocco and Spain. Now, the fact-checking political organization Politifact is the one that flagged this first, but it's unmistakable. We've pulled the original video, you see the time stamp on the video, 1-5-2014. Keep in mind it's Europe, so the day first, then the month. That would be May 1st of 2014, that was the day this video was first aired by Repubblica, that's a Italian TV station. They got it from the Ministry of Interior in Madrid. Now, when we were running around making phone calls, trying to confirm that this video was from Morocco, Katy Tur who is up next, and I'll let her read the tea leaves, was able to ask the campaign if this was an intentional move, or if they made a mistake, and they're claiming they did this 1,000 percent on purpose. They are not backing away from this at all. And that seems to be very much in keeping with Donald Trump, right? Not apologizing for anything, but when you go online, certainly people are wondering if this was a mistake, or this was intentional.


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