MSNBC Panel Slams Trump For “Sliming” Federal Judge In Trump University Case

Glenn Thrush: “There Is A Historical Precedent … And His Name Is George Wallace”

From the May 31 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Take one little tiny part of this. This is someone who has a civil case before a federal judge. Okay? Now he doesn't like this case, and I understand, people don't like judges they get and he's complaining. He is going after the judge, day after day after day, said the guy is Mexican. He was born in Indiana. Now, just think for a second about -- that's one thing when you're a private citizen. It's another when you're the nominee for president. It's another thing when you think about the president of the United States, if there were judicial decisions he didn't like from a specific judge, going around and essentially rhetorically, you know, sliming the judge, these are outside the norms of sort of some basic institutions in American politics.


GLENN THRUSH: Going back to your point about calling out judges, there is a historical precedent for a candidate calling out judges, and his name was George Wallace.

HAYES: That's right.


THRUSH: And the judge he went after -- not just Earl Warren, Frank Johnson, federal judge who did all the desegregation, said he wanted to give him a barbed wire enema.

HAYES: Right.

THRUSH: That language tracks really closely to the kind of the way that Trump talks about the judicial branch.


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