On MSNBC, Huff. Post's Stein: Media Failed To Hold Trump Accountable For “Flat-Out Lie” About Opposing The Iraq War

Sam Stein: “In 2002 He Was Supportive Of The Iraq War, And No One Ever Figured Out How To Properly Call Him Out For That Unreality He Had Created”

From the May 4 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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SAM STEIN: I want to back up a little bit about what you're talking about, the contradictions in Donald Trump. And I think it's not just contradictions that befuddle his opponents and sort of bemused and frustrated his critics. It's that he was sort of appearing in an unreality. For instance, during the interview that he did just with you guys, he spoke about his opposition to the Iraq War, when demonstrably we know that that's not true, that in 2002 he was supportive of the Iraq War, and no one ever figured out how to properly call him out for that unreality he had created. It projected great strength and it was incredibly alluring to the voters.

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Well you know, Sam Stein, you're right. But there are inconsistencies, but he also said the week that the war started. And I've said this time and again, he said the week the war started that it was going to be a mess. I mean, he certainly said that ahead of Hillary Clinton and said it --

STEIN: Well, certainly ahead of Hillary Clinton, sure, but he was --

SCARBOROUGH: Said it ahead of every other Republican he was running against.

STEIN: Yes, that's true too. But he was on Howard Stern's show, asked about the war and said, yeah, I guess I support it. Now he goes around and says he's been against it from the beginning. That's just a flat-out lie and that's an unreality. And no one has ever figured out how to actually hold him accountable for that, whether it's in the media or whether it's his Republican opponents. And I think that's a credit to Trump in some respects.

WILLIE GEIST (CO-HOST): I will say when that BuzzFeed clip came out about Howard Stern, he was confronted with that that morning, on this show, on another show. I was on that same day and asked about it. He gives a roundabout answer, and it turns out the voters did not care. They didn't care about the contradiction. They didn't care about a lot of the contradictions in Trump.


SCARBOROUGH: What I found early on is people don't care about your biography. They just don't. And a lot of them don't care about your past. I was sort of running as a 29-year-old with no biography. They don't care about your past. They care about their future. And they will always say, I don't care what you did over the past 20 years, what are you going to do for me next year? And clearly -- for working class voters and a lot of middle class, upper class voters -- they decided Trump was going to give them a better future than 16 other Republicans.


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