Morning Joe's Brzezinski: Paul Ryan “Completely Sold Out” By Endorsing Trump

From the June 3 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): Paul Ryan, think about this, the guy who I think most people think --

NICOLLE WALLACE: Our great hope, yes.

BRZEZINSKI: Is the Republicans' great hope, is an honest, good --

WALLACE: Principled.

BRZEZINSKI: Principled man of character. The Washington Post says this: “On Thursday Mr. Ryan capitulated to ugliness. It was a sad day for the speaker, for his party and for all Americans who hoped that some Republican leaders would have the fortitude to put principle over partisanship, job security or the forlorn fantasy that Mr. Trump will advance a traditional GOP agenda.” This is so sad.

WALLACE: Well, you started it yesterday.

BRZEZINSKI: If he had a good reason I want to hear it. I'm all for it. I'm all for those meaningful conversations leading to something and hearing something really good from Donald Trump about what exactly he's going to do to lead the party forward or help make America great again. Tell me what it was, Paul Ryan, because you just sold out. You just completely sold out.

WALLACE: Well, in fairness Mitch McConnell said it was the judges. I mean, he sat here Tuesday --

BRZEZINSKI: Mitch McConnell said it was the judges and I said to him, Nicolle, is there anything Donald Trump has ever said in his campaign or life that will lead you to believe that he will keep his word on the judges and he had nothing.


MIKE BARNICLE: Mark, what do you think?

MARK HALPERIN: He's got two alternatives and he believes Trump will nominate more conservative judges. He wants tax reform. Trump would sign tax reform that Hillary Clinton wouldn't sign. I mean, it's not his first choice or his top 100, but of the two left remaining of people he could endorse he had no choice.

BRZEZINSKI: He had no choice? What about not endorsing?

HALPERIN: He had no choice. He is the speaker of the house. He's trying to get legislation passed. One of two people will be president come January. He had no choice. I think it's amazing he delayed as long as he did and I think he delayed until probably until about almost the last possible minute, but this is the Republican nominee picked by Republican voters.


BRZEZINSKI: To your point of Ryan had no choice, which is pathetic because this election is unlike any other. The rule book has been thrown out. So that no choice thing, put it back into the '80s and '90s, and early 2000s, because there are new rules and people ought to start living by their own rules and living by their principles and Paul Ryan can do that.


Paul, he's not going to do anything for you because you did this. He's not going to pay you back. It's pathetic, he sold out. I'm sorry but he did have a choice and he made one that was weak.


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