Morning Joe Devolves Into Screaming Match After Bill Kristol Calls Out Hosts For “Rewriting History” On The Show's Trump Coverage

Kristol Mocks Joe Scarborough: “This Show Was Really Tough On Trump In Late 2015 And Early 2016” 

From the October 20 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

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BILL KRISTOL: You feel great because the Republican Party nominated a guy who's really a bad guy as president and you think it's funny and amusing. 

MIKA BRZEZISNKI (CO-HOST): No, I actually think Republicans need to come clean on themselves, including leaders of the Republican Party.

KRISTOL: Well thank you. What is come clean on themselves mean? They opposed --

BRZEZISNKI: Just be honest about what's right and wrong and don't sit there and go -- 

KRISTOL: Well what's wrong is Donald Trump. This show -- this show was very tough -- this show was really tough on Trump in late 2015 and early 2016. 


KRISTOL: Are you going to pretend that?


KRISTOL: If that's your way of rewriting history, that's fine with you guys.

BRZEZISNKI: You mean when Joe hung up on him when he wouldn't answer a question? Do you mean when we peppered him with questions again and again and we got him to say mass deportation forces? 

KRISTOL: A lot of people accommodated Donald Trump at different times. I think I'm -- but I'm not going to get into it. 

SCARBOROUGH: Well no no no you just did. You lied. Please don't come on my air and lie. You said in late '15, in early December -- I can't even believe you're doing this, I don't know why you're so bitter. 

KRISTOL: I'm not bitter. I'm trying to say that Republicans, I'm trying to say that Republicans need -- 

SCARBOROUGH: You're practically crying. You're practically crying. 

KRISTOL: I am upset about this election. That's right Joe, because you think it's amusing that Donald Trump is the nominee. 

SCARBOROUGH: In early December 2015 we compared it to Germany 1933 what he was doing. 

KRISTOL: Oh that's just -- really? 

SCARBOROUGH: Oh really. 

KRISTOL: And you treated him that way when he called in, is that right? 

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah we treated him tough. 

KRISTOL: You asked the most tough questions. 



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