Misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ pundit disappears from Trump campaign website following criticism

Clarence Mason Weaver with Trump

Citation From Clarence Mason Weaver's Facebook page.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign website no longer lists right-wing commentator Clarence Mason Weaver as a member of its Black Voices for Trump advisory board. Weaver has said that women should strive to be “handmaidens” and stay out of the workplace and claimed that homosexuality is “evil” and an “abomination.”  

The Trump campaign launched its Black Voices for Trump coalition earlier this month with the president speaking at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. The campaign also announced the members of its coalition advisory board, which included Weaver. He attended the Atlanta rally and wrote on Facebook that he got to “meet the President [and] shake his hand again.”

Media Matters subsequently reported that Weaver’s history as a commentator includes numerous misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ remarks. Among other comments, Weaver has stated that: 

  • “men and women are not equal” and society was hurt when women “won their ‘right’ to leave the home and go to work”; 
  • women should strive to be “handmaidens” and if they’re not as strong as men, they should “be quiet, and be humble, and be submissive”;  
  • “we don’t care how smart [women] are. We don’t care how strong you are. It is masculine”; 
  • “we don’t want to be around [women] in a business” because they can report sexual misconduct; 
  • “every man talks like” Trump did in the Access Hollywood “grab them by the pussy” tape; 
  • “homosexuality is a abomination” and is “evil”;
  • “I've worked with a lot of homosexuals. Worked with a lot of them. Political and social things. But I’m not going to stand there and pretend like that’s not a sin”; 
  • “I will not appear on a program with a homosexual host and pretend like that’s normal”; and 
  • being transgender “is not gender equality, it is gender delusion.”

Numerous media outlets covered Weaver’s remarks and his appointment, though the Trump campaign does not appear to have commented publicly about his toxic history. 

Weaver said on November 22 that the “campaign has asked me not to respond” to criticism “because they're going to take care of it.” Days later, he is now no longer listed as a member of the advisory board. 

Dozens of women have described sexual misconduct by Trump. As president, Trump has enacted anti-women policies and been hostile to the rights of LGBTQ people.