Militia-linked radio host suggests audience may need to “arm up and surround Mar-a-Lago to protect it”

Pete Santilli suggests Florida Gov. Ron Desantis ban the FBI from Mar-a-Lago, but if that fails, suggests that armed MAGA supporters flock there to protect Trump

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From the August 9, 2022, edition of The Pete Santilli Show

PETE SANTILLI (HOST): Everybody needs to – listen, this is what – leadership has failed us up to this point. They've just you know, they've just let Hillary Clinton get away with all of her crap. They let Barack Obama get away with all this crap. They let Joe Biden launder money out of the Ukraine. They let Hunter Biden do all of his stuff and get captured by the Chinese intel service

Listen, we have leadership that's in place that is supposed to be protective of us. And by the way, this is the same excuse that you say, oh, we need the FBI and the CIA to protect us. Really? They haven't been doing it so far. Uh, you know, they're really good. They're really good at groping your grandmother after John Brennan lets the 9/11 hijackers into the United States through Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They're really good at groping your grandma. They're really good at surveilling everybody up and down the entire U.S. population, the FBI surveilling everybody, including our 45th president of the United States. They're really good at that stuff, right? They're great at that. They're great at overthrowing the – they're great at sending guns.

Let me say this again. They have sent guns to Mar-a-Lago. And I don't want to hear an equal and opposite force of trading forms and papers, OK, to respond to the FBI showing up with guns, I want Governor DeSantis – not to be critical, he's got the fortitude to do this – and sign an executive order and ban the FBI for political reasons until after the elections are over. You're not allowed in the state of Florida. We have law enforcement. We don't need you. Ban the FBI. They come into the state, you will be captured by the national guard. We need to use the National Guard.

If Governor DeSantis fails and refuses to use the appropriate law enforcement and military force that we need to protect our political process – If he builds and refuses to do it, then it's going to be up to we the people.

We will have to arm up and surround Mar-a-Lago to protect it, to protect life, liberty, and property if the governor fails and refuses to do that, I don't want to hear him creating paper, OK? But legislation must be passed to stop– Legislation? Well, he just came at you with guns. It's like the Vietcong walk into your camp as they – oh hold on a second, let me go take a vote. Really? Fire on my command.