Megyn Kelly Equates Trump's Sexual Assault Allegations With Clinton's Private Email Server As “A Character Issue”

From the November 1 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): It's a character issue, right? I mean, in the same way that you look at Trump, and his history with --

BILL BURTON: No it's not a character issue. Like, Republicans say that, but it's not.

KELLY: Let me just -- let me just make the point, and then you respond. In the same way you look at Trump, and his alleged history with women, you say, “All right, if he did those things, that reflects on who he is as a person, and that's something we need to know.”

You look at her and if she's lying and misleading and dodging and weaving with the FBI and is surrounding herself with people who do the same, it's a character issue for her.

BURTON: Donald Trump joked about sexually assaulting women and then a bunch of women came forward and said that he actually had groped them and been inappropriate with them. Yes, that is a character issue.

Hillary Clinton has said that it was a mistake for her to do exactly what Condoleezza Rice, exactly what Colin Powell had done, exactly what the Bush Administration had done by having their emails hosted on a private server.


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