Matt Lauer Lets Trump Lie About Opposing Iraq War During Commander-In-Chief Forum

From the September 7 edition of MSNBC's Commander-In-Chief Forum:

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MATT LAUER (HOST): What have you done in your life that prepares you to send men and women of the United States into harm's way?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think the main thing is I have great judgment. I have good judgement, I know what's going on. I've called so many of the shots, and I happened to hear Hillary Clinton say that I was not against the war in Iraq. I was totally against the war in Iraq, from a -- you can look at Esquire magazine from '04. You can look at before that, and I was against the war in Iraq, because I said it's going to totally destabilize the Middle East, which it has. It has absolutely been a disastrous war, and by the way, perhaps almost as bad was the way Barack Obama got out. That was a disaster.


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