Mark Cuban: Trump Campaign CEO Bannon Is “Playing” Donald Trump To Benefit Breitbart After The Election

Cuban: “Don't Ask Why Donald's Doing It, Ask What's In It For Breitbart”

From Media Matters President Bradley Beychok's interview with Mark Cuban before the October 19 debate: 

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BRADLEY BEYCHOK (MEDIA MATTERS PRESIDENT): So, what do you think we're going to see tonight with, what would you expect to see -- 

MARK CUBAN: I think we're going to see Donald come in planned and have a particular approach, and then drop into -- I think the interesting thing for me is trying to determine how much of it is original thought from Donald and how much of it is planted by Steve Bannon, who I think is much smarter and is playing Donald and kind of pulling the strings. When you think about Donald talking about things being rigged, I for the life of me have yet to come up with any perspective or any view point where that says it's beneficial to him, but I can think of a thousand ways that it's beneficial to Breitbart after the election.

BEYCHOK: So it was just reported a little bit ago that James O'Keefe is joining Donald Trump tonight as a debate guest -- 

CUBAN: That's fine, he's not allowed to use a camera so it doesn't really matter

BEYCHOK: Do you have any --  so you said a second ago, Breitbart -- Bannon was at Breitbart in March, this plan that O'Keefe had was in April, does that concern you? 

CUBAN: No, why would it concern -- look, in today's world you edit video together and you can make it seem like anything you want. That's just the nature of the business so I don't think there is any reason to be concerned. You know what he's going to do, right, so you can expect it. But it doesn't change anything, what I will say is the difference between someone who is prepared and not prepared -- when someone is prepared all the little distractions don't impact you. You know we have a saying, practice til you can't get it wrong. And with Hillary, you know she's practicing, and you know she's focused and you don't get caught up in those. It's like a professional athlete or a college athlete playing here, you play the game and you barely notice the crowd. Donald on the other hand, because he's not practiced, and because he doesn't have a game plan per se, he's not tactical in the least bit, it's easy to get distracted. So you can see why he would think it makes sense, and you can obviously see why it makes sense for Breitbart. It's great for their business. So again, I would just ask you, whenever you look at what Donald's doing, don't ask why Donald's doing it, ask what's in it for Breitbart. I'm telling you, I'll say it over, I haven't done a lot of business with Steve Bannon, but I've dealt with him in the past, dealt with him some and he's a smart guy, he's not in it for his health.


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