Lou Dobbs attacks the American intelligence community for correcting Trump's falsehoods

Dobbs: “There's something rancidly wrong with this intelligence community.”

From the January 29 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): What in the world is the intelligence community doing? Are they, are they persisting in what they started as this president was a candidate? They're anti-Trump, okay, great. Get over your bad selves, he's the commander in chief. I mean, there's something rancidly wrong with this intelligence community.

FRED FLEITZ: I want to first say that I think most intelligence officers are nonpolitical. I really do believe that. But having said that, I think there should have been an effort in these intelligence agencies to clean out the politicization of hiring that took place during the Obama administration. 

We know our intelligence analysts and intelligence agencies tilt towards the left. This got a lot worse during the Obama administration and nothing has been done to fix this. 

DOBBS: Well, as you suggest, hopefully it will be fixed soon. 


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