Lou Dobbs and guest claim recent negative Trump stories are a plot by the media to cover up Democratic opposition to border wall

From the January 14th edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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MICHAEL GOODWIN (GUEST): I thought the weekend stories in the New York Times and Washington Post over Trump and Russia again struck me as an odd bit of counter-programming. And I wonder if they weren't leaked, and those stories run because -- 

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Of course they were --

GOODWIN: No but because of the timing, that they are in a way covering up for what is clearly being absent without leave for the Democrats who are refusing to do anything on the border. So we change the narrative here, we change the storyline for you. 

DOBBS: They can change it, and change it again, because they've got nothing but this preposterous pretext of Russian collusion. And the collusion is stunning, because it's Democratic collusion, it is FBI collusion -- their money was going to Russian agents, for crying out loud. Rod Rosenstein, I mean, after all of this reporting and nobody figures he's a double, triple, quadruple agent? 

GOODWIN: Nobody knows whose side's he's on. 

DOBBS: I mean, come on. This is a fools enterprise on the part of the Times, the Post, the left-wing national media. ​


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