In Less Than Six Minutes, Four CNN Commentators Say Trump Threw Pence Under Bus During Second Debate

Dana Bash: “I Was Floored When I Heard [Trump] Explicitly Say On A Debate Stage That He Disagrees With His Vice Presidential Running Mate”

From CNN's October 9 post debate coverage:

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DANA BASH: It got to the point, Wolf, where I was floored when I heard him explicitly say on a debate stage that he disagrees with his vice presidential running mate on an important policy matter such as Syria. Mike Pence talked about airstrikes in Syria, and it is something that Donald Trump explicitly said he is not for. You got to wonder whether or not that was a little bit of payback for Mike Pence being so aggressively opposed to him and condemning him in the harshest of terms this weekend because of that tape that came out, Wolf.


JOHN KING: Throwing Mike Pence under the bus at a time when Mike Pence is standing by him through this personal thing is a very interesting dynamic.


GLORIA BERGER: I want to echo one thing that Dana said, which was stunning, was the Mike Pence remark. I mean he's praising a dictator who is trying to interfere with our election, period, and whom his running mate said we should bomb --

JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Stand up to.

BERGER: Yeah, stand up to, and we should bomb Assad, whom Putin is propping up. So that really struck a discordant note for me. 

TAPPER: Well he said he hadn't spoken with his own running mate about Syria, and he disagrees with him.

DAVID AXELROD: Well what was odd about that was I'm sure he watched the debate on Tuesday night as we all did. We all commented on the fact that Mike Pence's policy on these issues seemed different than Donald Trump's. He went out that night and the next day, that night on Twitter and the next day in person, and said what a brilliant job he did. And it never occurred to him to say, by the way your policy and my policy aren't the same policy. That seems peculiar to me.


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