Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton says Mueller and his team want Democrats “to overthrow” Trump

Fitton: “They want the House Democrats to use to try to overthrow and impeach the president”

From the April 4 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): Your thoughts about the Times reporting and whatever, if there is any substance to, that you've discerned, in that report? 

TOM FITTON: Well, you know, Barr blew up the conspiracy of the Mueller people to smear the president through this report. They weren't expecting Barr to be effective and efficient in analyzing the report, seeing through the gamesmanship with the obstruction of justice, and getting the key details out to American people. So they're angry about that. They were hoping -- 

DOBBS: Poor darlings, poor darlings. 

FITTON: That is right. And so, they've got this dossier, especially related to the smears related to obstruction, that they want the House Democrats to use to try to overthrow and impeach the president, and so this is all the spin related to that. Look this reports going to--

DOBBS: This is appalling, it is such drivel, it is unworthy of whatever the Times once was, and the Dems have exposed themselves for what they are, and that is nasty, vicious, venomous anti-Trump activists who have no other purpose apparently in their political lives. 


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