John Bolton calls for US intervention in Iran: “We need to bring that regime down”

From the January 4 edition of Sirius XM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily:

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JOHN BOLTON: And it's one reason, frankly, I think the president needs to abrogate this Iran nuclear deal and go even further than he's gone rhetorically given these demonstrations, supporting the demonstrators, unlike Obama. We need to bring that regime down and get something in there that would stand more aligned with us and less aligned with Russia and potentially China.

STEVE BANNON (CO-HOST): Let's talk about those protesters. You were around, you saw what happened in 2009 when President Obama looked the other way on what was called the Green Revolution. How serious do you think this is today, and do you find it interesting that some of the protesters, they're connecting the economic downturn in Iran, or the lack of economic opportunity with their overseas adventurism with Hezbollah and other organizations?

BOLTON: Look, I don't think we can underestimate the significance of these demonstrations in Iran, and we don't know how the current turmoil is going to turn out. Look, it could trickle away toward the end of the week. The regime could crush it. Who knows? But they have crossed an incredibly important line. They're not just quibbling about who gets to be president and whether the elections were fraudulent, which is what 2009 and the Green movement were about. These demonstrators are saying “death to [Ayatollah] Khamenei death to the the Supreme Leader, down with the regime” and they're never going to go back from that. 


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