Joe Scarborough Compares Trump's Run For President To The Producers

Scarborough: “This Is His 'Springtime For Hitler' ... The More He Tries To Fail, The More Successful He Gets”

From the December 22 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): It goes back to what the SNL skit from '88. I can't believe we're losing to this guy. Alex often says this is what they're thinking. I'm guessing they're in the embarrassed crowd, and it really is -- somebody said, I guess it was on Twitter I read this -- that there's so much information out there. It's like The Producers. Like they are purposely trying -- Trump's purposely trying to fail. He's working overtime. This is his “Springtime for Hitler.” And he's purposely trying to fail. And the more he tries to fail, the more successful he gets. 


SCARBOROUGH: This is like -- you see the Mel Brooks scene when Larry David was on, and it was on “Curb” when he did it, and they said, we've got to kill -- Mel Brooks in a headband -- we've got to kill this thing. And Larry David goes out and is so bad that people are just absolutely fascinated by it. This is the political equivalent of “Springtime for Hitler.” 


SCARBOROUGH: This is The Producers. Well, no, that's not a Trump reference. That's a Broadway reference. 


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