Joe Scarborough Calls Trump's Debunked 9/11 Comments Merely An “Exaggerat[ion],” Accuses The Media Of “Overreacting”

Joe Scarborough: The Media “Overreact To Donald Trump's Overreaction”

From the November 25 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know what, there is one element of truth to what Trump's saying that is true and funny because the poor Washington Post reporter writes this. At the time. And now he's really, really backing up, going 'Oh I don't know what I saw.' Listen, if he didn't see it he wouldn't have put it in the newspaper. So this is what people always do. They overreact to Donald Trump's overreaction and in overreacting to Donald Trump's overreaction whether it was a joke he said about McCain or whether it was, remember it was a list of things every Sunday. The mainstream media overreact and give him a kernel of truth to hold on. Now Willie, everybody's saying oh, nobody ever danced on roof tops. There's a Washington Post article that says they did. Just say he's exaggerating. 


SCARBOROUGH: But the point is though, it's in The Washington Post, just say they investigated it and it may have been a handful of people and Trump is exaggerating it to a thousand people. Now everybody is going around, going 'oh, it never happened.' Well, if it never happened, Willie, why did The Washington Post report on it? 


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