Jesse Watters: Trump Isn’t Racist Because He Met With Kanye And Has Taken Pictures With Black People

Watters: “There’s Pictures Of Him With Sharpton, With Jesse Jackson, Everybody, Don King”

From the February 17 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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JESSE WATTERS (GUEST HOST): Niger, you understand President Trump. Is there anything in his background which would lead you to believe that this man is racially insensitive? Because I haven't seen it. And I know a lot of people who know Donald Trump for a very long time, New York guy, you know, in and out of tons of different circles, there's pictures of him with Sharpton, with Jesse Jackson, everybody, Don King. I mean, this is not a guy that, you know, doesn't like African-Americans, Niger.


ATIMA OMARA: As you saw yesterday, in the press conference with April Ryan, he hadn't even bothered to reach out. And as the CBC tweeted out later, they're like “hey, we sent you a letter January 19 to have a meeting to which you have not responded.” Now, it appears --

WATTERS: Well, wait a second. Can I just stop you for a second? Because I remember during the transition when president-elect Trump was meeting with handful of black Americans. He was meeting with Steve Harvey, Kanye, the son of Martin Luther King.


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