On Ingraham's Radio Show, Trump Suggests That Ayers Wrote Obama's Memoir

On March 31, The Daily Caller reported that Donald Trump -- whose birther claims have been recently hyped by Fox -- appeared on Laura Ingraham's radio show and suggested that Bill Ayers wrote President Obama's memoir, Dreams from My Father.

From The Daily Caller article:

Donald Trump appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show Wednesday morning, discussing the controversy he has generated in recent days over his comments regarding President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

The billionaire also suggested that Bill Ayers, not Obama was the real author of the 1995 memoir “Dreams of My Father.”

Trump cited a noticeable difference in the writing quality between “Dreams of My Father” and Obama's 2006 policy-centered book,“The Audacity of Hope,” which Trump said “was written by a guy that's like a sophomore in high school.”

“They say 'Dreams of My Father' was genius and they give him full credit, and now it's coming out that Bill Ayers wrote it...that's what started him on this road where he became president," Trump said.

Trump is likely making a reference to a video of a speech Ayers made on March 24, in which he claims to be the real author. However, the former Weather Underground member appeared to be joking.


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