Hugh Hewitt denies President Trump mocked Christine Blasey Ford at his Mississippi political rally

Two Republican senators have criticized Trump for mocking Ford's testimony

On the October 3 edition of Salem Radio Network's The Hugh Hewitt Show, Hugh Hewitt repeatedly denied President Donald Trump's campaign rally attack on Christine Blasey Ford last night constituted mockery:

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HUGH HEWITT (HOST): I want to stay in Michigan, Norma, also a red state. Norma, what did you think of the president last night?

NORMA (CALLER): Well I'm so proud of our president, Hugh. I just love him and when he comes out and says exactly what we're thinking -- it's so frustrating. I've had sleepless nights over this. I think that woman was propped up to look frail, and needy, and in distraught, and everything like that. But none of it matched up. With her high education, she's married, she has a family, all this other stuff. But she looks so distraught and frail -- it was not believable, she was not believable. And I'm so glad the president put light on it.

HEWITT: Well, the controversy is that he was mocking her. I don't think he was mocking her.

CALLER: No, no.

HEWITT: I think he was poking holes in her testimony.

Hewitt again claimed Trump was not mocking Ford in a response to his next caller, saying that Ford's “story is crumbling, and the president just broke the glass last night. He was not mocking her.”

HEWITT: I tell you, the boyfriend's ex letter, the therapist notes that haven't shown up, the housing permits. Her story is crumbling, and the president just broke the glass last night. He was not mocking her. He was attacking the credibility of her testimony. And I can see the media has moved on from, oh it's not going to work that Brett Kavanaugh was a teenager who -- and by the way, Brett Kavanaugh organized a beach party at a beach house to drink beer when he was 18. How shocking. I really can't even begin to tell people about what went on at Billow Beach in Saybrook Township at my grandfather's cottage when I was in high school. I can't do that. But that ain't me at 53 or 62.


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