Howard Kurtz Disparages Jorge Ramos, Continues Fox's Defense Of Donald Trump

Kurtz: Ramos “Seemed Like A Heckler” During Trump Press Conference, “He's Not Paid To Go And Disrupt Events”

Howard Kurtz Shames Jorge Ramos For Doing What Fox News Hosts Always Do

Fox News host and resident media critic Howard Kurtz questioned Jorge Ramos' journalistic integrity in the wake of the Univision anchor's contentious press conference questioning of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, concluding that Ramos was little more than “a heckler.”

During an August 25 press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, Ramos pressed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his promise to forcibly remove millions of undocumented immigrants, and presumably in some cases their American-born children, from the United States as part of a sweeping and expensive redesign of the American immigration system. Trump's initial reaction was to have his security team escort Ramos from the room, before eventually engaging in a minutes-long argument with the journalist over the feasibility and legality of his plan.

Ramos' actions during the press conference have been widely criticized at Fox News. On August 26, Fox contributor and Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson claimed that Ramos is “not a reporter,” but rather “an editorialist” and “an activist” whose questioning of Trump was not protected by the First Amendment. Fox host Bill O'Reilly complained that media were not “report[ing] this story honestly” before proceeding to lecture Ramos on journalistic etiquette and concluding that the Univision anchor was not “an objective purveyor” of the news. During an interview with Ramos, Fox host Megyn Kelly asked if he could “understand Trump's side” of the dispute, citing a seemingly unrelated legal battle between Univision and Trump's Miss USA beauty pageant.

On the August 30 edition of Fox News' Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz used his program as a platform to continue Fox's campaign against Ramos as well as its defense of the Republican frontrunner. Kurtz allowed conservative columnist Mercedes Schlapp to forward the unsubstantiated claim that conservative and mainstream media “both agree that Jorge Ramos was out of line.” Washington Examiner correspondent Susan Ferrechio accused Ramos of interrupting other reporters to get his point across, before Kurtz concluded that Ramos was acting like more like “a heckler” than a journalist:

KURTZ: Jorge Ramos is the chief anchor of Univision, chief news anchor, which is the largest Spanish-language network in the country. And so, he clearly has opinions on this issue, but he's not paid to go and disrupt events. I mean, I thought at times he seemed like a heckler -- like a heckler.

The ejection of Ramos from Trump's August 25 press conference garnered national headlines and was roundly condemned by Spanish-language media, but the reaction among right-wing media personalities has been to instead attack Ramos for speaking out of turn. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh denigrated Ramos as a “shill” and “activist” who was merely attempting to elevate the profile of his network, and Erick Erickson called Ramos a “thug” and dismissed him as “a self-absorbed, self-righteous leftwing activist.”