With Hope Hicks, Fox News is actually about to get even worse

Hope Hicks is set to join Fox as executive vice president and chief communications officer, continuing the revolving door and close links between Fox and the Trump administration.

Angelo Carusone, Media Matters president, issued the following statement:

Hope Hicks taking a c-suite position at Fox is another reminder that Fox is not a news network, but rather a partisan propaganda operation dedicated to serving Trump's interests -- and that operation is gearing up for 2020.

Hope Hicks' presence at Fox will further align the Trump communications apparatus with the Fox News propaganda machine. Hiring Hicks for this role shortly after elevating the ad chief at Fox News to be in charge of advertising for all of New Fox indicates that Lachlan Murdoch is centering New Fox around the Fox News model. In doing so, Lachlan is making it clear that he intends to not merely tolerate Fox News’ extremism and political mission, but to actively facilitate it.

Bottom line: Fox News is actually about to get even worse and more destructive, unless the all-in-for-Trump trajectory that Lachlan has placed the company on becomes a business problem. Media Matters is fully prepared to escalate our efforts to educate advertisers and other business stakeholders about the risks of aligning with Fox.