“He's A Benedict Arnold”: Watch Fox's Stacey Dash Blast Erick Erickson For His Anti-Trump Campaign

Dash: Erickson's Tactics Are “Treason”

From the March 17 edition of Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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ERICK ERICKSON: Listen, I think if the Republican Party changes from its core values, then it's time for those of us who support the core values to go elsewhere. I mean, that's just life and reality. And yeah, if the Republican Party moves beyond us, we'll go elsewhere, no harm no foul, but we're committed to our ideas, not necessarily to a party. And if Donald Trump can't win because of it, well that's on Trump, not on us. 


CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): You were sitting here, you were listening to what Erick had to say, and I could feel you sort of wanting to jump in. Where is he getting this wrong? Where is he wrong? 

STACEY DASH: Well, because I think he is wrong about Trump, first of all, and him not being a conservative. He is a conservative. And what's wrong with someone changing their mind? I mean, we want Democrats to change their minds about becoming Republicans, right?  So, there's nothing wrong with changing your mind, and I applaud him for admitting it, for saying “Yes, I was this way one time, and now I have changed my mind, I have learned, I've learned. I have become wiser.” And he -- Hillary Clinton, if we don't stand behind Trump we are setting the floor for Hillary Clinton to win. A criminal, a liar, responsible for four deaths of American patriots. A woman who should be indicted for a spillage of classified information that was kept in her barn as opposed to a skiff where it should have been. So, I mean, I don't understand. To me this is treason. He's a Benedict Arnold, that's what I think.


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