“Have You No Shame, Sir?”: Fox Guest Excoriates Trump For Racist Attacks On Federal Judge

Former Defense Attorney Ted Williams: “You Are Running To Be Commander In Chief, Not Thug In Chief Or Intimidator In Chief”

From the June 3 edition of Fox News' On the Record with Greta Van Susteren:

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (HOST): People are abuzz about this, Ted. Not too happy, saying it was kind of out of line to mention the judge's ethnicity, the judge's heritage, and then to suggest that there was a conflict of interest. How do you call it?

TED WILLIAMS: I would like to ask Mr. Trump, have you no shame, sir? You are running to be commander in chief, not thug in chief or intimidator in chief. To call this judge out, you're attacking the rule and the fabric of our society, meaning the rule of law. What are you gonna do if you get a black judge in a discrimination case? You're going to ask him to remove himself? Or let's say you got a woman. This is very troubling and I would expect more and I would hope that at some stage, Mr. Trump will act matured and walk this back.


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