Hannity says the FBI “put aside all values” and “plotted to destroy” Donald Trump

Sean Hannity: “They actually plotted to destroy your duly-elected president”

From the January 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We now know top people within the FBI, filled with hatred, and frankly, anti-Trump rage, have put aside all values, and their blatant political bias, were seeking redemption for the firing of James Comey.

They actually plotted to destroy your duly-elected president, and this goes way beyond what we already knew up until this point.

Now, according to this report, Friday, New York Times, as usual, anonymous sources, two days after Comey was unceremoniously terminated, several top FBI officials actually questioned whether or not President Trump was working directly for Russia. Now, they did this without a single shred of evidence, zero probable cause, zero proof of any collusion. It was a witch hunt.

The president has been right from day one. They opened an investigation into whether or not Russia directed the president to fire their beloved Trump-hater James Comey.

Now, this despite Comey's testimony that there was no evidence of collusion. For nine months, they had been looking into this, and that Trump was not the target of his investigation.

Remember, even Comey, the Trump-hater that he is, admitted that the president could fire him for any reason.


Admission of corruption, and abuse of power, by people that are unchecked, a bureaucracy unto itself, unlimited powers, no accountability, is any of this good for America? Do these deep state officials that we have been uncovering now for nearly two years -- do they do anything other -- these top officials -- than hate the president? And are you really surprised?


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